Quantum quasi-Zeno dynamics: Transitions mediated by frequent projective measurements near the Zeno regime

T. J. Elliott, V. Vedral
2016 Physical Review A  
Frequent observation of a quantum system leads to quantum Zeno physics, where the system evolution is constrained to states commensurate with the measurement outcome. We show that, more generally, the system can evolve between such states through higher-order virtual processes that pass through states outside the measurement subspace. We derive effective Hamiltonians to describe this evolution, and the dependence on the time between measurements. We demonstrate application of this phenomena to
more » ... rototypical quantum many-body system examples, spin chains and atoms in optical lattices, where it facilitates correlated dynamical effects.
doi:10.1103/physreva.94.012118 fatcat:ta23oepyevbvdha27xwulvekii