Origin of magnetic freezing in pyrochloreY2Mo2O7

Oren Ofer, Amit Keren, Jason S. Gardner, Yang Ren, W. A. MacFarlane
2010 Physical Review B  
We investigated the nature of the spin glass-like phase transition in the geometrically frustrated pyrochlore lattices Y_2Mo_2O_7 using the local probes nuclear and muon magnetic resonances, and the field-dependent long range probes x-ray and neutron scattering. The long range probes indicated that Y_2Mo_2O_7 does not undergo any global symmetry changes, even in a field of 6 T. In contrast, the local signal indicates a lattice distortion close to the critical temperature. The nuclei show at
more » ... nuclei show at least two inequivalent Y sites, and the muons show sub-linear line broadening as a function of moment size, over a wide temperature range. The conclusion from all the measurements is that even in high field, the distortion of Y_2Mo_2O place within the unit-cell, while its global cubic symmetry is preserved. Moreover, the muon result clearly indicates the presence of magneto-elastic coupling.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.82.092403 fatcat:eglvzjb5i5c65gyob77p4cpg4y