Inverse Weibull-Rayleigh Distribution Characterisation with Applications Related Cancer Data

Aijaz Ahmad, S. Qurat Ul Ain, Rajnee Tripathi, Afaq Ahmad
The current study establishes a new three parameter Rayleigh distribution that is based on the inverse Weibull-G family and is an extension of the Rayleigh distribution. The formulation is known as the inverse Weibull-Rayleigh distribution (IWRD). The distinct structural properties of the formulated distribution including moments, moment generating function, order statistics, quantile function, and Renyi entropy have been discussed. In addition expressions for survival function, hazard rate
more » ... tion and reverse hazard rate function are obtained explicitly. The behaviour of probability density function (p.d.f) and cumulative distribution function (c.d.f) are illustrated through different graphs. The estimation of the formulated distribution parameters are performed by maximum likelihood estimation method. A simulation analysis has been carried out to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of estimators in terms of their bias, variance and mean square error (MSE). Eventually, the usefulness of the formulated distribution is illustrated by means of real data sets which are related distinct areas of science.
doi:10.24412/1932-2321-2021-465-364-382 fatcat:bukzju22jzf3javvpxyesd57fq