Overwhelming Bi-Partisan Majority Opposes Allowing Churches, Other Nonprofits, to Engage in Political Activity [article]

Steven Kull, Evan Fehsenfeld, Francesca Martens, Evan Charles Lewitus
An overwhelming majority of 79% voters oppose the proposal to allow churches and other non-profit organizations to endorse political candidates and provide them money and other support. This includes 71% of Republicans as well as 88% of Democrats and 78% on independents. Most (55%) say it is 'very important' to keep the current law. The proposal to reverse the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits political activity by tax-exempt organizations, is in the House tax reform bill and in other proposed
more » ... legislation, including H.R. 172, H.R. 781, and S. 264.
doi:10.13016/sbsd-hqe2 fatcat:gz5pwqndlbbz5nbhwkxutfva74