Strongly coupled plasma with electric and magnetic charges

Jinfeng Liao, Edward Shuryak
2007 Physical Review C  
A number of theoretical and lattice results lead us to believe that Quark-Gluon Plasma not too far from $T_c$ contains not only electrically charged quasiparticles -- quarks and gluons -- but magnetically charged ones -- monopoles and dyons -- as well. Although binary systems like charge-monopole and charge-dyon were considered in details before in both classical and quantum settings, it is the first study of coexisting electric and magnetic particles in many-body context. We perform Molecular
more » ... perform Molecular Dynamics study of strongly coupled plasmas with $\sim 1000$ particles and different fraction of magnetic charges. Correlation functions and Kubo formulae lead to such transport properties as diffusion constant, shear viscosity and electric conductivity: we compare the first two with empirical data from RHIC experiments as well as results from AdS/CFT correspondence. We also study a number of collective excitations in these systems.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.75.054907 fatcat:rgcyjmrq7zhzpbl6jgv26jmooi