Elgamal Key Exchange Using Triple Decomposition Problem

2017 Sixth International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control and Networking - ACCN 2017   unpublished
A new key agreement scheme based on elgamal and triple decomposition problem over non commutative platforms is presented. An understanding of the new scheme over braid groups is provided and the strengths of it over an earlier scheme that rely on a similar system based on other decomposition problems are discussed. The new scheme provides better security over earlier schemes on noncommutative platforms by countering the linear algebra and length based attacks. Consider n parallel strands with i
more » ... th strand crossing over the i+1 th strand, this is a simple example of a Braid.
doi:10.15224/978-1-63248-117-7-50 fatcat:fd4gbl5smnedpgctxavjnjwheq