Relativistic energy density functional description of shape transitions in superheavy nuclei

V. Prassa, T. Nikšić, G. A. Lalazissis, D. Vretenar
2012 Physical Review C  
Relativistic energy density functionals (REDF) provide a complete and accurate, global description of nuclear structure phenomena. A modern semi-empirical functional, adjusted to the nuclear matter equation of state and to empirical masses of deformed nuclei, is applied to studies of shapes of superheavy nuclei. The theoretical framework is tested in a comparison of calculated masses, quadrupole deformations, and potential energy barriers to available data on actinide isotopes. Self-consistent
more » ... s. Self-consistent mean-field calculations predict a variety of spherical, axial and triaxial shapes of long-lived superheavy nuclei, and their alpha-decay energies and half-lives are compared to data. A microscopic, REDF-based, quadrupole collective Hamiltonian model is used to study the effect of explicit treatment of collective correlations in the calculation of Q{\alpha} values and half-lives.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.86.024317 fatcat:lro7ir4zrje7pcg47on2au5ltm