I. The moral status of the pre-implantation embryo: ESHRE Task Force on Ethics and Law

ESHRE Task Force on Ethics and Law
2001 Human Reproduction  
In this first statement of the ESHRE Task Force on Ethics and Law, the focus is on the pre-implantation embryo. This embryo is owed respect as a symbol of future human life. The basic ethical principles which govern the practical way embryos should be treated are outlined. Specific items of concern are pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, freezing, donation and research. The usefulness and safety of these specific issues, together with the ethical concerns, are presented with a view to protect
more » ... a view to protect the vulnerable infertile couple as well as the future child.
doi:10.1093/humrep/16.5.1046 pmid:11464802 fatcat:ov6by6jrobbvznojhmftzemd4e