Microcirculation changes in gingival tissue after ultrasonic tooth preparation in beagle dogs

Masahiro TO, Masato MATSUO, Satoko WADA-TAKAHASHI, Shuta SUGIYAMA, Katsushi TAMAKI, Shun-suke TAKAHASHI
2020 Journal of Applied Oral Science  
Ultrasonic wave technology is widely used during dental treatments. We previously demonstrated that this method protects the gingival tissue. However, the physiological change on the gingival microvasculature caused by this method remains unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the morphological and physiological effects on gingival microcirculation when preparing teeth, using the conventional dental turbine or ultrasonic method. The lower premolar teeth of
more » ... remolar teeth of beagle dogs were prepared along the gingival margin by using a dental turbine or ultrasonic wave instrument. Gingival vasculature changes were investigated using scanning electron microscopy for corrosion resin casts. Gingival blood flow at the preparation site was determined simultaneously by laser Doppler flowmetry. These assessments were performed immediately (Day 0), at 7 days and 30 days after tooth preparation. At day 0, in the turbine group, blood vessels were destroyed and some resin leaked. Furthermore, gingival blood flow at the site was significantly increased. In contrast, the ultrasonic group demonstrated nearly normal vasculature and gingival blood flow similar to the non-prepared group for 30 days after preparation. No significant alterations occurred in gingival circulation 30 days after either preparation; however, the turbine group revealed obvious morphological changes. Based on multiple approach analyses, this study demonstrated that ultrasonic waves are useful for microvascular protection in tooth preparation. Compared with a dental turbine, ultrasonic wave instruments caused minimal damage to gingival microcirculation. Tooth preparation using ultrasonic wave instruments could be valuable for protecting periodontal tissue.
doi:10.1590/1678-7757-2019-0145 pmid:32049132 fatcat:oa32iwnitjbrrl55ppx5aaej7e