Avoiding latch formation in regular expression recognizers

M.J. Foster
1989 IEEE transactions on computers  
Specialized silicon compilers , or mod川 e generators. are promising tools for automating 出巳 design of custom VLSI chips. In p缸ticular, generators for regular language recognizers seem to have many applications.ηus paper identifies a problem ca1 1ed latch fo 口nation 出 at causes 陀 gular ex. pression recognizers to be more ∞ mplex 由矶山ey would first ap 阿 ar. If recognizers are constructed in the most straightforward way 行。 m certain regular exp陀 ssions. 由 ey may contain extraneous latches 由at cause
more » ... incorrect operatio皿 After identi 句 ing 由e problem. 由e paper presents a "source-to-source" transformation 由 at converts 陀但 lar e x. pressions 由 at cause latch fonnation into expressions 由 at do no t. This transformation a1 10ws regular expression recognizers to be simpler and smaller,由us adding to 由e advantages of speci a1 ized silicon compilers.
doi:10.1109/12.24279 fatcat:ea5c5xcfhbbohmna7ksapwhxay