Trajectory based Recovery of Index Finger Articulated Pose during Palmar Grasp

Avik Chatterjee, A. Mahapatra, S. Majumder, I. Basak
2012 International Journal of Computer Applications  
This paper describes our experimental and analytical study of recovering index finger pose from tip trajectory during palmar grasp. Our study experimentally evaluates a kinematical model that can be used to reduce the number of surface markers in each finger for motion estimation and its segmental kinematics. We captured the trajectory of the index finger tip and joint angles in typical fist closing mode (palmar grasp), based on the concept of planar homology in projective space and then
more » ... gated the inverse kinematics solutions for the correlation. Jacobian based Damped Least Square (DLS) with variable damping parameter λ has been implemented. The DLS method, though iterative, shows reasonably fast convergence with in 3-10 iterations in feed forward mode and has better concurrence with the experimental values in recovery of articulated pose.
doi:10.5120/7693-1021 fatcat:wwrlv2mfungcjn2sd7gpznddwm