Investigation of Coke Formation in Dry Methane Reforming over Nickel-based Monolithic Catalysts

Pongsakorn Pornruangsakun, Sabaithip Tungkamani, Tanakorn Ratana, Monrudee Phongaksorn, Thana Sornchamni
2015 The International Journal of Advanced Culture Technology  
Coking accumulations via dry methane reforming (DMR) over 10NAM monolithic catalyst and pelletized catalyst was investigated. 10NAM catalyst was synthesized and coated on a wall of monolithic reactor. Pelletized catalyst of 10NAM was also prepared for the comparison. Consequently, catalyst was characterized by BET, H 2 -TPR and H 2 -TPD. The catalytic reaction was undergone at 600 o C under atmospheric pressure and CH 4 to CO 2 reactant ratio of 1:2. The coking formation over spent catalyst was
more » ... spent catalyst was then carried out in the hydrogen flow using temperature programmed technique (TPH). According to the results, DMR over 10NAM monolithic catalyst exhibits a minimized coking formation comparing to the use of pelletized catalyst. This could be attributed to a prominent heat transfer efficiency of the monolithic catalyst.
doi:10.17703/ijact.2015.3.1.31 fatcat:jwumtkh25vhzfg3z5gjklxk6a4