Serum-, TPA-, and Ras-induced expression from Ap-1/Ets-driven promoters requires Raf-1 kinase

J T Bruder, G Heidecker, U R Rapp
1992 Genes & Development  
Raf-1 serine-threonine protein kinase has the hallmarks of a critical switch that connects growth factor receptor activation at the cell membrane with transcriptional events in the nucleus. We show by use of Raf-1 dominant-negative mutants that Raf-1 is required for serum-, TPA-, and Ras-induced expression from the oncogene-responsive element in the polyomavirus enhancer. The minimal region of Raf-1 that displays this dominant-negative phenotype (Raf-C4] contains a cysteine finger motif. Raf-C4
more » ... inger motif. Raf-C4 appears to function by titrating out a Raf-1-activating factor that is induced by Ras following serum or TPA treatment of NIH-3T3 cells. In addition, we show that Raf-1 and Ras cooperate in trans-activation through the oncogene-responsive element and that the cysteine-rich region is necessary for this effect.
doi:10.1101/gad.6.4.545 pmid:1313769 fatcat:snkmxshmbvdavplq5ya7ds725q