Digit ratio as a risk factor for muscle dysfunction and acute exacerbation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Jing Jin, Guan-Jian Li, Feng-Sen Li, Jing Wang, Jing Jing, Zheng Li, Xiao-Yi Xin, Qian Zheng, Kun-Ling Wang, Hui-Fang Liu, Si-Ming Tao
2020 Journal of International Medical Research  
Objective: This study investigated the correlations of digit ratio (relative length of second and fourth fingers, 2D: 4D) and muscular strength with the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Methods: In total, 164 patients with COPD were enrolled in this prospective study. In all patients, the following parameters were measured: body compartments, pulmonary function, digit ratio (i.e., 2D: 4D), muscle function, and levels of partial pressure of oxygen and partial pressure
more » ... of carbon dioxide in arterial blood. Results: The right-hand digit ratio (R2D: 4D) was associated with dominant hand muscle dysfunction, non-dominant hand muscle dysfunction, and inspiratory muscle dysfunction. Logistic regression analysis showed that right-hand 2D: 4D (odds ratio [OR] ¼ 0.01) and dominant hand
doi:10.1177/0300060519898059 pmid:32090664 fatcat:itjwm4gvgnacrggpra6clqlz6y