Utilization of copper plating effluents in the degradation of the dye Sanodure Green in the presence of H2O2

Edita Sodaitienė, Danutė Kaušpėdienė, Audronė Gefenienė, Vladas Gefenas, Romas Ragauskas, Rimantas Ramanauskas
2021 Chemija  
Oxidative degradation of metal complex dye Sanodure Green (SG) in the presence of H2O2 and nanostructured catalyst CuO prepared from copper plating effluents has been investigated. The activity of the CuO catalyst in the oxidative degradation reaction depended on the SG concentration, reaction time and temperature. The reaction followed a pseudo-first order kinetic model, and the rate constant was highly dependent on the increase in temperature, but only slightly on the SG concentration.
more » ... ynamic studies have shown that the degradation reaction of SG is endothermic. The use of copper plating effluents for the preparation of nanostructured catalyst CuO makes it possible to avoid the accumulation of difficult-to-recycle copper oxide sludge formed during effluent neutralization, and to manage copper plating and aluminum dyeing effluents more economically.
doi:10.6001/chemija.v32i1.4395 fatcat:clheqojpbfh5nb33n5ifmsoipe