Lightning Whistler Wave Speech Recognition Based on Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm

Jing Yuan, Chenxiao Li, Qiao Wang, Ying Han, Jialinqing Wang, Zhima Zeren, Jianping Huang, Jilin Feng, Xuhui Shen, Yali Wang
2022 Atmosphere  
The recognition algorithm of the lightning whistler wave, based on intelligent speech, is the key technology to break the bottleneck of massive data and study the temporal and spatial variation rules of the lightning whistler wave. However, its recognition effect depends on the hyperparameters determined by manual experiments repeatedly, which takes a great deal of time and cannot guarantee the best recognition effect of the model. Therefore, we proposed the lightning whistler wave recognition
more » ... lgorithm based on grey wolf optimization (GWO). In this paper, the GWO algorithm is used to automatically find the best value of hyperparameters of Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) in their limited searching space. Here we consider the number of hidden units (hu) and learning rate (lr) as the hyperparameters to be optimized, and the spatial coordinate (hu, lr) as the grey wolf position. By the end of the GWO process, we obtain the position of the wolf king α with the optimal hu and lr searched by the GWO algorithm. Then we use the optimal hu and lr to configure LSTM and perform supervised learning on the train set to obtain the final lightning whistler wave speech recognition model. Through experimental verification, the recognition model based on the GWO not only overcomes the uncertainty of the traditional model relying on manual finetuning of parameters and realizes the mechanism of automatic search and acquisition of hyperparameters, but also its recognition effect improves by about 2% in accuracy, F1score, and other metrics compared with the model trained by manually setting hyperparameters.
doi:10.3390/atmos13111828 fatcat:ff577nx4efeodgbfikf4v4uece