Thomas Defler¹, Jorge Hernández-Camacho²
2002 Neotropical Primates   unpublished
The historic holotypic description of Alexander von Humboldt for the primate Simia albifrons contains obvious errors which have created various taxonomic problems, since it has been impossible to compare descriptions of subspecies with an original holotype, which was never preserved. An historic taxonomic error was the recognition of Cebus albifrons unicolor as a different taxon from Cebus albifrons albifrons, which we correct in this paper by the recognition of Cebus albifrons unicolor as a
more » ... ns unicolor as a synonym for Cebus albifrons albifrons. We describe Cebus albifrons albifrons for the first time, based on a neotype collected by us close to the type locality. Additionally, confusions about the type locality are discussed and clarified. Maypures is established as the correct type locality. General information on the geographic distribution and natural history of the species and subspecies is also provided. Resumen La descripción holotípica e histórica de Alexander von Humboldt para el primate Simia albifrons contiene obvios errores que han creado varios problemas taxonómicos, dado que ha sido imposible comparar descripciones de subespecies con un holotipo original, el cual nunca se preservó. Un error histórico es el reconocimiento de Cebus albifrons unicolor como un taxon distinto de Cebus albifrons albifrons, el cual corregimos en este articulo por el reconocimiento de Cebus albifrons unicolor como sinónimo para Cebus albifrons albifrons. Describimos Cebus albifrons albifrons adecuadamente en este artículo por la primer vez, basado en un neotipo colectado por nosotros cerca a la localidad típica. Adicionalmente, se discute y se clarifica confusiones sobre la localidad típica, indicando Maypures como la localidad típica correcta. Adicionalmente, se presenta información general sobre la distribución geográfica y la historia natural de la especie y la subespecie nominal. It is with great sadness that I inform the primatology and conservation community of the untimely death of Professor Jorge Ignacio Hernández-Camacho on September 15, 2001. Professor Hernández or "El Mono" was my friend, colleague and teacher for over 25 years. My knowledge of Colombian primatology and other vertebrate fauna was greatly enriched by having known and worked with him. His human qualities were considerable, and he will be missed by many. (TRD)