Proximate composition and mineral profiles of selected edible mushroom consumed in northern part of Nigeria

Odoh Raphael, Ugwuja Daniel, Izuchukwu, Udegbunam Sandra
2017 Academia Journal of Scientific Research   unpublished
Mushrooms are highly consumed by different ethnic groups in different states across the region (northern Nigeria). They have broad cultural acceptance and constitute a traditionally very important nutritious food. However, their assessment as food, which is based on chemical analysis, has not been adequately studied and documented. Standard procedures were used to determine the proximate chemical composition of edible mushrooms. Atomic absorption and flame spectrophotometer were used to
more » ... e the mineral and heavy element composition. The results were compared using an analysis of variance test. There were significant differences in the proximate nutritive values of the various edible mushrooms (p>0.05) studied. Despite differences in the chemical composition of the edible mushroom species, the overall nutritional potential of the whole mushroom species was quite good. The results of the analysis showed high significant amounts of protein and minerals, ranging from 1.24-48.44 mg/g and 0.09-57.54 mg/g for macro and micro elements, respectively. Furthermore, crude fibre ranged from 3.32-19.76% and carbohydrate from 20.54-64.78%, both of which were found to be relatively high. All species were moderate in fat content, with a range of 1.11 to 8.43%. Although Pb and Cd were detected in some of the species of mushrooms, these results indicated that the studied mushrooms have good nutritive value for human consumption.