622Mbit/s-16chFDMコヒーレント光伝送装置 : 無線・光伝送
622Mbit/s-16ch FDM Coherent Lightwave Transmission Equipment

Takashi MIZUOCHI, Katsuhiro SHIMIZU, Kenkichi SHIMOMURA, Tadayoshi KITAYAMA
1993 ITE Technical Report  
An FDM coherent lightwave commun { cation equipmcnt has been developed. A transmitter includes sixteen 1. 55pm − 2 − elec αode MQW I)FB − LDs multiplexed by a sIar coupler . Each of LDs was locked into IOGHz spacing us { n a scannlng Fabry − PerQt imerf巳rome に r wi ぬ in±100MHz deviation . A receiver was construc { ed by heterodyne − delay − demodulators using a polad 乙a1ion diversity scheme . The desiredchannel canbe tuned in O. 3 -3second with minjum received power of − 35. 6dBm . 622Mbit ! s
more » ... 16channel HDTV signals have been successfully trang . mitted in 110km −L3 μ m zcro dispersion fiber . It was also experimentally revealed thatan allowab } e maximum launced poweT into 1 . 55pm dispersion sifted fiber is 1imited by fiber four wave mixing to − 8. 8dBm . 英 文 key 冊 rds Optical communication equipm 。nts / Coherent 。 plical c 。 mIllunica [ i。 Ils . / heterodyne/ Frequency dlvisien mu ] tiPlexin9
doi:10.11485/tvtr.17.18_25 fatcat:pnarhnnttbbynakbbasmslybze