Scale-up and Energy Consumption of Bubble Stripper for Residual Methanol Removal from Crude Biodiesel Fuel

2017 Nihon Enerugi Gakkaishi/Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy  
Based on the principle of nitrogen gas stripping for the residual methanol removal from crude biodiesel fuel (BDF) that we reported previously (Yamane et al., Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol., 115, 1183-1192 (2013), two scaled gas stripping setups whose working volume were 5 L and 25 L were constructed to study its scale-up. As a scale-up index, (flow rate of nitrogen gas)/(volume of crude BDF), Q/V, gave the best correlation among the three indices, i.e. Q/V, P g/V (= energy consumption of gas pump
more » ... for gas stripping)/(volume of crude BDF), and u (= linear gas velocity = Q/(cross-sectional area)). The three items, i.e. Pa, Pg, and Pb, composed of the total energy consumption, Ptotal, of the two gas stripping setups were measured. Ptotal/V was approximately 0.1 [kWh/L] when Q/V was 1.5 [1/min] in 25 L-scaled gas stripping setup. As the simplest as well as inexpensive purification process, the purification process composed of the intensive residual methanol removal by a nitrogen gas stripping system followed by filtration with aid of appropriate filter aid was proposed. 以前報告した粗バイオディーゼル燃料 (BDF)から残留メタ ノールを取り除く窒素ガス放散の原理 (Yamane et al., Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol., 115, 1183-1192 (2013) )に基づいて,スケールアップの研究のために仕込み容量が 5 L と 25 Lである2つの規模のガ ス放散装置を製作した。スケールアップの指標と して, (窒素ガス通気量)/ (粗 BDF の容積)である Q/V は, 3つの指標 (Q/V, (エ アーポンプの動力)/ (粗 BDF の容積)である Pg/V,および線速度 u = Q/(装置断面積) )の中で最も相関が良かった。2つのガ ス放散装置の総消費電力量 Ptotal に影響を及ぼす3つの項目について測定した。25 L ガス放散装置で Q/V = 1.5 [1/min] であると き, Ptotal/V はおよそ 0.1 [kWh/L] であった。安価で簡潔な精製工程として,窒素によって残留メタ ノールを徹底的に除去するガス放 散装置の次にろ過助剤の助けによるろ過とで構成される精製工程を提案した。
doi:10.3775/jie.96.430 fatcat:r6frhv4akzanpexmyng67w6tpy