Successful operation upon a gentleman born blind

1841 Dublin Journal of Medical Science  
Franz has published in the Philosophical Transactions, Part I., 1841, a very interesting memoir of the results of a successful operation for cataract, in a gentleman born blind, in the eighteenth year of his age, and who also had congenital strabismus. Towards the end of th8 second year the operation of keratonyxis had been performed on the right eye, upon which a severe iritis had ensued, terminating in atrophy of the eye-ball. Within the next four years two similar operations had been
more » ... d on the left eye, which did not, indeed, destroy the opaque, but, at the same time, did not remove the opacity in the pupil. Light was, to a certain degree, perceptible after this operation. When he presented himself to Dr. Franz, for the purpose ofconsuhing-him with regard to the congenital double strabismus, and, at the same time, to hear his opinion on the more severe ophthalmic affection, the ease had been considered by the patient himself and others as hopeless. The rig'ht eye was found to be so, but Dr. Franz removed the opaque capsule, and a portion of opaque lens from the left, and sight gradually returned. Several ingenious experiments were made on the forms of objects, the irregularities on their surface, and their distances ; and atso the appreciation and effect of the different colours. We regret we have no room for these, but think the following, facts will be read with interest : " When the patient first acquired the faculty of sight, all objects appeared to him so near that he was sometimes afraid of coming in contact with them, though they were in reality at a great distance from him. He saw everything much larger than he had supposed from the idea obtained by his sense of touch. Moving., and espe-
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