Stick-Slip Motion of the Wigner Solid on Liquid Helium

David G. Rees, Niyaz R. Beysengulov, Juhn-Jong Lin, Kimitoshi Kono
2016 Physical Review Letters  
We present time-resolved transport measurements of a Wigner solid (WS) on the surface of liquid Helium confined in a micron-scale channel. At rest, the WS is 'dressed' by a cloud of quantised capillary waves (ripplons). Under a driving force, we find that repeated WS-ripplon decoupling leads to stick-slip current oscillations, the frequency of which can be tuned by adjusting the temperature, pressing electric field, or electron density. The WS on liquid He is a promising system for the study of
more » ... em for the study of polaron-like decoupling dynamics.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.116.206801 pmid:27258879 fatcat:qierjzpjijehnpp5qfmk2lx7c4