The transformation of everyday historical memory of the peasants of Central Black Earth region in the post-reform period

Andrei A. Linchenko, Evgenii V. Belyaev
2016 Bylye Gody  
The article deals with the metamorphosis of the everyday historical memory of the peasants of the Central Black Earth region. The common approach, linking the historical memory of the peasantry with historical knowledge about the kings, generals, historical figures exclusively is overcome on the basis of the constructive methodology for studying the historical memory. The transformation of daily historical memory of the post-reform peasants is described in the context of changing traditional
more » ... ging traditional notions of peasant about labor, life and leisure. The changes of traditional norms, values and objectives of economic, legal and family memory of the Russian peasantry are shown on the materials of different archival sources, the data of the Counties' statistics. It is shown that the traditional experience of the agricultural practices of the peasantry ceases to act as an important reference point of economic activity and forms another shape of economical memory that goes beyond land redistribution and traditional land inheritance. The conclusion is that the transformation of the public authorities of the peasantry in the post-reform period was associated with the overcoming of the traditional office, stereotipic behaviour of the officials. It has been shown that a significant enhancement of critical attitude to the traditions of the past is observed in the sphere of family relations.
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