Single spin asymmetries inlp→hXprocesses: A test of factorization

M. Anselmino, M. Boglione, U. D'Alesio, S. Melis, F. Murgia, A. Prokudin
2010 Physical Review D  
Predictions for the transverse single spin asymmetry (SSA), A_N, are given for the inclusive processes l p(transv. pol.) --> h X and l p(transv. pol.) --> jet + X, which could be measured in operating or future experiments. These estimates are based on the Sivers distributions and the Collins fragmentation functions which fit the azimuthal asymmetries measured in semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering (SIDIS) processes (l p(transv. pol.) --> l' h X). The factorization in terms of transverse
more » ... rms of transverse momentum dependent distribution and fragmentation functions (TMD factorization) - which supplies the theoretical framework in which SIDIS azimuthal asymmetries are analyzed - is assumed to hold also for the l p --> h X inclusive process at large P_T. A measurement of A_N would then provide a direct test of the validity of the TMD factorization in this case and would have important consequences for the study and understanding of SSAs in p p(transv. pol.) --> h X processes.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.81.034007 fatcat:c2p4agqi2jculm2cz3qzoexcuu