"How Does It Feel to be a Problem?": (Local) Knowledge, Human Interests, and The Ethics of Opacity

Corey D. B. Walker
2011 Transmodernity  
A] reason against epistemological over-confidence is the knowledge that other people hold, with as much confidence, beliefs incompatible with one's own. And this motive operates in the sphere of logic, too; the very plurality of logical systems speaks against our possession of any infallible capacity to ascertain the truths of logic 1 Theory, then, is in a bind: it wants to be local and restricted but the structures of power -political, economic, and cultural -are national and global. To
more » ... e the inside one must theorize the outside. 2 I can only describe my feeling by the metaphor, that, if a man could write a book on Ethics which really was a book on Ethics, this book would, with an explosion, destroy all other books in the world. 3
doi:10.5070/t412011811 fatcat:pl77kb2s4zga7nzyecsd2nuw7e