The Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, February 11, 1929] [article]

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d Tmm hmUj DfaMr With Ui. We C«n S*ve You Tiat. Worry and Wooer. ; EASTERN AND NATIVE OYSTERS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT. PLAZA CAFE 'V. > m* mn7Am>9nmn¥B Commerce NANAIMO. VANCOUVER ISLAND. BRITISH COLUMBIA. MONDAY. FEBRUARY I i. 1929. own Was Buried Under Snow Nine Days WONU iiniDSTililNGLi TO DEATH III MCODTER SHITE; TRAGEDY BEUETi DUE TO RELIGIOUS HiiA Vancouver, Feb. ll.-Pearl Baglole, lo'cmy, said to be an art teacher, -found strangled to death this mor in a suite on Mclvflle street of Denis W.
more » ... treet of Denis W. Barclay, said to be a member of well known English family. Barclay is being held by the police for tigation. Police hclieve both Miss Baglole and Barclay had been undei the influence of a form of religious mania following psychology lectures which they attended some time ago. The body of Miss Baglole was found when Barclay's room was visited after he had made rambling remarks to other tenants of the apartment. BarcUy in a statement to police was incoherent. He said, "1 do know what happened, but I know the Lord loved Pearl. I had a vision of the Lord and the Lord spoke and told me He loved her." The body of the girt lay near a door, dressed in a large green Except for bruises on the neck and face there were no marks of violence. Miss Bagloli-s death is believed to have occurred about six am At about five a.m. W. E. Umb, son of the house proprietor, who slept next door to Barclay's room, said he was awak ened by a wailing prayer in the young Englishman's room. "God, God, God,' wailed a man and a woman repeatedlj in a dreary sort of chant. Later Barclay visited another a in the house and talked about being under the influence of a psychologist. To a detective he spoke of holding a seance in a local houL He said he was going to hang himself on a flag pole and mumbled something about jumping off a pier. Bafday came here from Chilliwack ten days ago. ft is said hts father it a wholesale chemist in London, Eng. Miss Baglole's mother U understood to Dve in ' Regina and a sister U be-Ueved to live in Victoria. WOMEN AVIATORS TRY TO SMASH RECORDS Los Angeles, Feb. 11.-Two girl fly ers launched assaults on existing wo men's aviation records here yesterday. Miss Marvel Croston piloted her Tra veller plane to an altitude above *20,-OflO feet in an effort to better the 20,270-foot record held by Miss Louise MePhedridge of Oakland, and Miss Bobbie Trout went aloft in her Golden Eagle plane at 5J0 p.m.. bent on break ing the night flying endurance and the ' non-stop distance records. Miss Cameron was aloft 2 hours and 30 minutes. Whether she bettered the record will be determined by an offi cial reading of the barograph she car ried. AUDIT TO COVER U. B. C FINANCES Victoria, Feb. 11.-The audit of pro vincial finances under way since shortly after the advent of the new government, is to be extended to take in the finances of the University of British Columbia .h was announced yesterday. The scope of the audit in respect of the number of years it will cover has not yet been defined. If the work is completed soon enough, the auditors' report will be presented to the House this session.
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