Combined Cortico-cancellous and cancellous fresh paternal allograft in defect post resection of benign bone tumors of long bones in children, review of literatures with two cases study

Dr. Ahmad Shakir Turkey Alawadi, Dr. Yaman Ahmad Kadhim, Dr. Hamed Gata Hassen
2021 National Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics  
We study the use of paternal fresh allograft in pediatric massive bony loss (post benign bone tumor resection) with a graft type of combined Cortico-cancellous and cancellous bone, with a good result of rapid and complete union with no recurrence with in 2years of follow up, with no any sign of local or systemic rejection. Study of 2 patients, one of an osteoblastoma in female of 9 years old in shaft femur and the second case was an aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) in male of 11 years old in distal
more » ... ird of fibula where in both do enbloc resection for a big bony lesions in such young age group, the defect was 8cm in the female and 9 cm in male case. We reconstruct these defects by the fresh non-frozen paternal allograft which still not widely used method and we add the use of Combined Cortico-cancellous and cancellous bone graft of iliac crest area which was not used or mentioned before in literatures and we do internal fixation in both and we wash the graft 2 times pre and post application in the gap with a normal saline for each case, follow up by monthly x-ray films till healing. Was conclusive and more than expected regarding healing rate and union which was 6month in female case and 5 month in male and no complication in such big bony graft mass. In Followed up of 2 years no recurrance was seen and both donors and recipients without any disability nor morbidity.
doi:10.33545/orthor.2021.v5.i4a.325 fatcat:7q2cqnxn2jf6tabmfpf4ou6jre