Improve De-Noising Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Nidhal Abbadi, Naseer Albaka, Ghadeer Hakim
2007 International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering (An ISO   unpublished
Noise is a random variat ion of image intensity and appear as grains in the image. There are many methods suggested for de-noising. One of them is filtering image by using singular value decomposition, this filter work well but did not remove all the noise in the color image. In this paper we suggested to improve the performance of this filter by co mbined it with suggested filter based on total least square value. The proposed algorithm tested with (Salt and pepper and Speckle noise) and
more » ... le noise) and different concentration of noise and gives promised results. Also proposed algorithm co mpared with other de-noising algorith ms and the results were better.