Traffic Control System Using Image Processing

Jaywant Kamble, Pratik Kothawade
2013 Abhijeet Kumbhar, Prof. Rajani P.K. 5 International Journal of Emerging Trends in Electrical and Electronics   unpublished
Traffic problems nowadays are increasing because of the growing number of vehicles and the limited resources provided by current infrastructures. On intersecting roads, huge number of vehicles leading to congestion and heavy traffic occurs. Traditional traffic controls (warning signs, stop signs, etc.) are used in most areas but these are sometimes inadequate to address the problem. Since the expansion of the traffic network is no longer a socially attainable solution, the existing control
more » ... isting control systems have to be used in a more intelligent way in order to increase the traffic throughput and decrease total travel times. Our aim is to develop the system at signals. This system will have multifunctional operations. The system will firstly measure the traffic density at different signals and accordingly change the time delays for traffic lights viz. the side at which the traffic is high the signal will remain green for more time. Secondly it will also communicate with the adjacent junction signal. Both the signals will collectively manage the traffic depending on the density.