The prevalence and risk factors of canine demodicosis: A retrospective long-term study of 409 cases

2020 Tropical biomedicine  
Canine demodicosis is a common skin disorder with multiple risk factors, including age and breed predisposition. There is relatively limited information about the risk factors for canine demodicosis in large canine populations. This retrospective case-control study was conducted by searching the electronic records of dogs with skin lesions for the presence of Demodex mites in skin scrapings. Diagnosis of demodicosis was based on the presence of skin lesions and mites in skin scrapings.
more » ... ate analysis was conducted using logistic regression analysis to estimate the relative risk and odds ratio of variables hypothesized to influence the risk of canine demodicosis, such as age, sex, breed, season, and parasitic infection. The results of multivariate logistic regression analysis showed a positive correlation between the dogs' age and demodicosis. Dogs older than three years, as well as puppies, had a high risk of demodicosis (P0.05). Breeds with the greatest association (odds ratio) with demodicosis included the American Staffordshire Terrier (OR=0.9) and Moscow Watchdog (OR=0.2). The presence of intestinal parasites, such as Diphyllobothrium latum, was significantly associated with demodicosis.
doi:10.47665/tb.37.3.778 pmid:33612790 fatcat:xwjujkkpevgqrpuuzlyto2ipkq