Neurochemical substrates linked to impulsive and compulsive phenotypes in addiction: A preclinical perspective

Jolyon A. Jones, Katharina Zuhlsdorff, Jeffrey W. Dalley, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository
Abstract: Drug compulsion manifests in some but not all individuals and implicates multifaceted processes including failures in top‐down cognitive control as drivers for the hazardous pursuit of drug use in some individuals. As a closely related construct, impulsivity encompasses rash or risky behaviour without foresight and underlies most forms of drug taking behaviour, including drug use during adverse emotional states (i.e., negative urgency). While impulsive behavioural dimensions emerge
more » ... imensions emerge from drug‐induced brain plasticity, burgeoning evidence suggests that impulsivity also predates the emergence of compulsive drug use. Although the neural substrates underlying the apparently causal relationship between trait impulsivity and drug compulsion are poorly understood, significant advances have come from the interrogation of defined limbic cortico‐striatal circuits involved in motivated behaviour and response inhibition, together with chemical neuromodulatory influences from the ascending neurotransmitter systems. We review what is presently known about the neurochemical mediation of impulsivity, in its various forms, and ask whether commonalities exist in the neurochemistry of compulsive drug‐motivated behaviours that might explain individual risk for addiction. image
doi:10.17863/cam.70868 fatcat:rdr5jd4t4bhvrdh3s4r7ndmhhy