2. On the Expansibility of different kinds of Stone

Alex. J. Adie
1845 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh  
This paper contains the results of an extensive series of experiments made upon different kinds of stone, as well as upon iron and upon brick, porcelain, and other artificial substances. The instrument employed was a pyrometer, of a simple construction, capable of determining quantities not greater thanof an inch. The length of the substances generally employed was 23 inches. The general result of these experiments is, that the ordinary building materials of stone expand but very little
more » ... tly from cast-iron, and that, consequently, the mixture of those materials in edifices is not injurious to their durability. The experiments from which the expansibility of the substances was numerically determined, were made between the limits of ordinary atmospheric temperature and that of 212°; steam being introduced for that purpose between the double casing of the instrument.
doi:10.1017/s0370164600037548 fatcat:kfdp3exlrrb4nosflx4rksd2ka