Analysis of Heat Generation Induced by Electron Impact in X-Ray Tube Using FEM and Monte Carlo Method
유한요소법과 몬테카를로법을 이용한 X선 튜브에서 전자빔 충격에 의한 열 발생 해석

Heungbae Kim, Tae Jae Yoo
2015 Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering  
We analyze heat generation as well as temperature distribution induced by accelerated electron impact on a target in a closed x-ray tube. For the sake of accuracy, we use Monte carlo analysis. This method gives accurate energy deposit in a medium with additional information such as secondary and backscattered electron as well as their paths. A Tungsten coated layer is divided by small rectangular cell which accumulate energy loss of primary electron beam. The cells and their accumulated energy
more » ... atum are used for the input of finite element analysis. The Maximum temperature rising and temperature distribution were analyzed by transient heat analysis. Some temperature parameters such as target size and coating thickness were varied to investigate temperature sensitivity. Temperatures were compared each other to find primary variable that affect temperature rising on the x-ray target. The results will be helpful in development highresolution x-ray tube and related industries.
doi:10.7736/kspe.2015.32.4.387 fatcat:l3emu7dvgjhjbjepbp5heakeky