Biometric System using Gait Feature Analysis and Comparison

Nishtha Gupta
2017 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The world today is making rapid progress in its quest to realize the dream of a creating a user friendly, customer caring ambience. With every new dream comes the nightmare of a security of the system lapse which may allow the misuse of the system. A major success in trying to bridge the advent of a security lapse is the use of biometrics. Biometric systems are becoming increasingly important, since they provide more reliable and efficient means of identity verification. Biometric gait
more » ... etric gait recognition (i.e. recognizing people from the way they walk) is one of the recent attractive topics in biometric research. This paper presents biometric user recognition based on gait. Most real-life biometric systems are still unimodal. Unimodal biometric systems perform person recognition based on a single source of biometric information. Such systems are often affected by some problems such as noisy sensor data, non universality and spoof attacks. Multi biometrics overcomes these problems. Multi biometric systems represent the fusion of two or more unimodal biometric systems. Such systems are expected to be more reliable due to the presence of multiple independent pieces of evidence. So , gait can be used alone as a biometric identification or it can be used with many other biometric trait .
doi:10.17577/ijertv6is050195 fatcat:fm5ygaq66zcvve4bwecxockpve