Power Domains and Iterated Function Systems

Abbas Edalat
1996 Information and Computation  
We introduce the notion of weakly hyperbolic iterated function system (IFS) on a compact metric space, which generalises that of hyperbolic IFS. Based on a domain-theoretic model, which uses the Plotkin power domain and the probabilistic power domain respectively, we prove the existence and uniqueness of the attractor of a weakly hyperbolic IFS and the invariant measure of a weakly hyperbolic IFS with probabilities, extending the classic results of Hutchinson for hyperbolic IFSs in this more
more » ... eral setting. We also present finite algorithms to obtain discrete and digitised approximations to the attractor and the invariant measure, extending the corresponding algorithms for hyperbolic IFSs. We then prove the existence and uniqueness of the invariant distribution of a weakly hyperbolic recurrent IFS and obtain an algorithm to generate the invariant distribution on the digitised screen. The generalised Riemann integral is used to provide a formula for the expected value of almost everywhere continuous functions with respect to this distribution. For hyperbolic recurrent IFSs and Lipschitz maps, one can estimate the integral up to any threshold of accuracy.
doi:10.1006/inco.1996.0014 fatcat:tvuf67rzwnd6ndd6l6a5tkqcw4