U–Pb Zircon Ages and Geochemistry of the Wuguan Complex and Liuling Group: Implications for The Late Paleozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Qinling Orogenic Belt, Central China

Ming Guan, Jiahao Li, Guoqing Jia, Shenglian Ren, Chuanzhong Song
2022 Minerals  
The tectonic evolution of the Qinling orogen is key to understanding the process of convergence between the North China Block (NCB) and the South China Block (SCB). The Wuguan Complex and Liuling Group, situated along the southern margin of the Shangnan–Danfeng suture zone (SDSZ) between the North Qinling Terrane (NQT) and the South Qinling Terrane (SQT), are important indicators of the late Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the Qinling orogen. In this paper, the detrital zircon U–Pb
more » ... and geochemical analysis of the Wuguan Complex and Liuling Group are carried out. Detrital zircons from two metasedimentary rock samples of the Liuling Group yield a major age peak at 460 Ma and two subordinate peaks at 804 Ma and 920 Ma, with a few older grains having formed between 1000–2549 Ma. One metasedimentary rock sample of the Wuguan Complex has a similar age spectrum as that of the Liuling Group, which shows the main age peak at 440 Ma and two subordinate peaks at 786 and 927 Ma, indicating all detrital zircon age results have the same source area. Geochemical analyses suggest that the sedimentary rocks of the Liuling Group and part of the Wuguan Complex were deposited in the tectonic setting of the continental island arc (CIA), while the geochemical characteristics of the other group of sedimentary rocks of the Wuguan Complex indicate the mixing of basic rock sources. The protolith of garnet amphibolite and hornblende schist, which were collected from the Wuguan Complex, were classified as andesite and basalt, with the nature of arc andesite and oceanic island basalt, respectively. In combination with regional data, we suggest that the Liuling Group and the Wuguan Complex were deposited in a fore-arc basin. Additionally, the Wuguan Complex was subsequently incorporated into the tectonic mélange by the northward subduction of the Paleo-Qinling Ocean. Zircons from the subduction-related metamorphic igneous rocks in the Wuguan Complex yielded a weighted mean age of 365 ± 19 Ma, indicating that the Paleo-Qinling Ocean between the SQT and NQT was still subducted at the end of Devonian.
doi:10.3390/min12081026 fatcat:rogfe3rkrffwbfjozttf4fzitm