Ability and Behavior of Students to Represent and Transform a Physical System

Artista Prihastuti, Jusman Mansyur, Muh. Rizal
2018 Proceedings of the First Indonesian Communication Forum of Teacher Training and Education Faculty Leaders International Conference on Education 2017 (ICE 2017)   unpublished
This research aims to describe abilities and behavior of students in representing and transforming a physical system. Respondents of the research were two selected students of the first year from two categories (in the group) based on a selection test. Research instruments consisted of a respondent selection test, a test of ability and behavior in representing and transforming physical system and an interview protocol. Research data were analyzed by qualitative analysis. Based on the data
more » ... d on the data analysis, it can be stated that the ability of the respondents in transforming the physical system were in a low category. The respondents were more able to transform a verbal representation into a mathematical representation. There is a dependence of the ability to transform a representation towards an initial representation to a target of representation and the context underlying the physical system.
doi:10.2991/ice-17.2018.40 fatcat:sg2wburifbarnp2eetmz5ocaom