Мнение родителей о безопасном поведении детей с сохранным и нарушенным интеллектом

Л.Ф. Фатихова
The article compares the findings made during a poll. The poll searched for opinions of the parents who had primary school student children with unimpaired or impaired intellect. The parents were asked about the safe behaviour. The parents assessed if their primary school student children with impaired intellect had formed safe behaviour skills for potentially dangerous situations. Their skills were compared to those of their peers with unimpaired intellect. The potentially dangerous situations
more » ... angerous situations were related to behaviour on the road, at school, during a walk, outdoors during hiking, in different communicative situations. They also dealt with children handling household appliances etc.
doi:10.25688/2076-9121.2021.55.1.13 fatcat:w5wqykop75bc5dafi4gdom3ixm