VLUE: A Multi-Task Benchmark for Evaluating Vision-Language Models [article]

Wangchunshu Zhou, Yan Zeng, Shizhe Diao, Xinsong Zhang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Recent advances in vision-language pre-training (VLP) have demonstrated impressive performance in a range of vision-language (VL) tasks. However, there exist several challenges for measuring the community's progress in building general multi-modal intelligence. First, most of the downstream VL datasets are annotated using raw images that are already seen during pre-training, which may result in an overestimation of current VLP models' generalization ability. Second, recent VLP work mainly
more » ... s on absolute performance but overlooks the efficiency-performance trade-off, which is also an important indicator for measuring progress. To this end, we introduce the Vision-Language Understanding Evaluation (VLUE) benchmark, a multi-task multi-dimension benchmark for evaluating the generalization capabilities and the efficiency-performance trade-off ("Pareto SOTA") of VLP models. We demonstrate that there is a sizable generalization gap for all VLP models when testing on out-of-distribution test sets annotated on images from a more diverse distribution that spreads across cultures. Moreover, we find that measuring the efficiency-performance trade-off of VLP models leads to complementary insights for several design choices of VLP. We release the VLUE benchmark to promote research on building vision-language models that generalize well to more diverse images and concepts unseen during pre-training, and are practical in terms of efficiency-performance trade-off.
arXiv:2205.15237v1 fatcat:2ytmn43x3zanjg4nmm5ahyqbby