Nithin, Param Jain, L Jyothi
2017 unpublished
ATCETHS is an automated toll collection and emergency traffic handling system used for collecting toll tax and traffic light control to facilitate the movement of emergency vehicles automatically. Proposed system will identify the vehicle using RFID. A vehicle will hold an RFID tag, which is nothing but unique identification number (UIN) assigned by the RTO or traffic governing authority. In accordance with this we will store, all basic information as well as amount to be paid in advance for
more » ... l collection. Reader will be strategically placed at all collection centres, whenever the vehicle passes the toll centre, the tax amount will be deducted from user's prepaid balance. Balance will be deducted based on the type of vehicle which is deducted based on its weight and the number of tolls crossed, which is stored chronologically and finally the amount is deducted from the user's prepaid balance. If the user has insufficient balance; updated balance will be negative. When the balance goes negative, the buzzer is activated and beeps continuously, which prompts the driver to recharge and to divert the vehicle to recharge lane. The user is kept updated about prepaid balance whenever vehicle crosses the toll. A message is sent to user using GSM module. The back image of the vehicle is captured and unique identification code stored for further reference in database to locate lost vehicle and vehicle used for crime. As vehicles do not have to stop in the queue, the proposed system assures time saving, fuel conservation and cost. Emergency serving vehicle such as ambulance, fire engine, police vehicle etc. is detected by RFID reader placed near the traffic poles and hence traffic lights can be altered based on the presence of emergency vehicle.