Research on Animation Lip synchronization technology

Jungsung Cho
2013 International Journal of Asia Digital Art and Design Association  
Recently, linguistic communication and learning effect and even delivery of knowledge information and mutual communion was capacitated with English lip sync automation device and voice recognition technology based real time animation character in areas like movie, game, broadcasting, AR with application of animation lip sync. It connotes the possibility of these characters' lip sync using characteristic of animation to efficiently enhance the qualitative level of work in domestic animation
more » ... ion's linguistic expression with progress and application of automation technology. In a word, a study on development and practical use of Korean lip sync technique is needed to be made actively in industrial, technical progress of domestic animation. However, it is hard to find a research on commercialization method of Korean lip sync automation technique and excellent performance or example that these techniques were applied in domestic animation up to now. The reason that development using Korean lip sync technique on domestic animation passed unobserved could be found in problem of sociocultural awareness, production environment and functional value feature. First, in Korea, animation is recognized as subordinate part of movie genre, and sociocultural stereotype that persisted with dictionary definition and feature that unreal and non-objective illusion image with playful exaggeration and symbol that brings optical illusion through apparition of movement is also a problem. Second, labor-intensive method that mobilized many labor was used in production of traditional 2D animation, and since the production was done by specific worker with long acumen and experience, thus it requires long period of production and big consumption expense. Despite the fact that domestic animation is completed by overcoming poor surrounding with various risks, audiences yet feels that characters move their lip unlike the lines, and experience sound and image does not match, and it causes perception process of negative mental process and defensive mind like anger and distrust. These audiences of animation get interrupted to be empathized into true world that is essentially pursuing, and at the same time any kind of symbolic meaning and metonymic value also cannot be earned from animation. This researcher look at technical standard which will influence qualitative level of domestic creative animation in the future, and try to think visualization and synchronization problem in linguistic expression of character lip sync scene which is required in 3D animation in production side and audience side. This thesis try to study on need to develop related technology in the future and development plan by checking importance of Korean lip sync and current use state of technology in maker and audience of domestic animation. Also, looked at method and attitude for future creative animation to use technology with progress of animation Korean lip sync technology in technical side by emerging from non-linguistic act and behavior oriented research of animation. Also, in excellent cases of animation Korean lip sync, it could surpass the limit of children oriented domestic animation which massively produced with small scale and low budget, and contribute on newly illuminate and develop value and meaning of animation to more various and wider socio-cultural class.
doi:10.20668/adada.17.3_87 fatcat:7cudjyyhuff7raj3eyn4vekmju