Large-Scale Nonlinear Device-Level Power Electronic Circuit Simulation on Massively Parallel Graphics Processing Architectures

Shenhao Yan, Zhiyin Zhou, Venkata Dinavahi
2018 Zenodo  
Device-level power electronic circuit simulation is so cumbersome that engineers are forced to make model simplification or reduce circuit size to obtain a reasonable execution time for repeated simulation runs. This paper proposes a massive-thread parallel simulation of large-scale power electronic circuits employing device-level modeling on the graphics processors (GPUs) to obtain higher data throughput and lower execution times. Parallel massive-thread modules are proposed for the nonlinear
more » ... hysicsbased insulated gate bipolar transistor and power diode components. The nonlinear solution algorithm comprised of Newton– Raphson iterations and partial LU decomposition is fully parallelized on the GPU. Furthermore, the commonly used behavioral model with reduced computational complexity is also employed to represent the switches. The developed simulation codes are used to run large-scale test cases of the modular multilevel converter (MMC) system. The accuracy and efficiency of the GPU-based parallel simulation are compared with sequential CPU-based codes and the SaberRD program to show the advantages of the parallelized simulation; execution time speedups of 15 times and 70 times are reported for the MMC system using the nonlinear physicsbased modeling and behavior-based modeling, respectively.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7675330 fatcat:wlik4xvojzhi7dqv3lqecvfevu