Efficient Relational Data Management Using Access Control and Privacy-Preserving Mechanism

Ch Reddy, V Vasanthi, Ravuri Daniel, K Rajesh
In an organization or agency the authorized users misuse the sensitive information. Sensitive information is data that must be protected from unauthorized access. Data confidentiality ,Availability, and Integrity are more necessary part of Relational data base security. Access control mechanism protect sensitive information but there is a lack of privacy-preserving when authorized users misuse the sensitive information. We can use both Access control and privacy-preserving mechanisms. The
more » ... chanisms. The Access control policies define selection that implies to roles available in the system. The privacy-preserving can be achieved through anonymization like generalization and suppression. We introduce heuristics for anonymization algorithms. and also satisfy the privacy requirements e.g. k-anonymity and L-diversity. In addition to that we need to satisfy imprecision bounds for more permission and has lower total imprecision. We have proved that the total imprecision is low by using the anonymization algorithms which are Top-Down Heuristic 1(TDH 1) and Top-Down Heuristic 3(TDH3).TDH3 total imprecision is low when compared to TDH1. Finally total imprecision is low by which the privacy can be achieved