Electrochemical and surface analytical characterization study of the inhibition effect of boiled red onion extract on tin corrosion in 0.2 M Maleic acid medium

S. Mouaamoun, El-H. Ait Addi, M. Hamdani, A. Ait Addi, A. Shaban,
The inhibition efficiency of boiled red onion skin extracts (BROE) against tin corrosion in 0.2 M Maleic acid has been studied using electrochemical and surface analytical methods. The electrochemical polarization curves displayed the active/passive transition of the anodic behavior of the tin electrode. The electrochemical impedance measurements demonstrated the effect of increasing BORE concentration on the inhibition efficiency (η %) (to a ηmax = 94% at 300 mg/L of BORE). The inhibition
more » ... The inhibition mechanism is attributed to the formation of adsorbed protective layers, on the metal surface, that fit the Langmuir adsorption isotherm model. Increasing the temperature hindered the η values.
doi:10.48317/morjchem.v8i3.17823 fatcat:smj5s2kxfzc7ncfibzgxc4olri