A simple particle action from a twistor parametrization of AdS5

Piet Claus, J. Rahmfeld, Yonatan Zunger
1999 Physics Letters B  
The SO(4,2) isometries of AdS_5 are realized non-linearly on its horospherical coordinates (x^m,\rho). On the other hand, Penrose twistors have long been known to linearly realize these symmetries on 4-dimensional Minkowski space, the boundary of AdS_5, parametrized by x^m. Here we extend the twistor construction and define a pair of twistors, allowing us to include a radial coordinate in the construction. The linear action of SO(4,2) on the twistors induces the correct isometries of AdS_5. We
more » ... tries of AdS_5. We apply this new construction to the study of the dynamics of a massive particle in AdS_5. We show that in terms of the twistor variables the action takes a simple form of a 1-dimensional gauge theory. Our result might open up the possibility to find a simple worldvolume action also for the string propagating on AdS_5.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(99)01128-4 fatcat:y2m2j2o4zzfsja4h2ft4sctrme