Numerical Simulation of Full Scale Upper Plenum Test Facility Experiments

Thomas Hohne, Deendarlianto
2017 Journal of Fluid Flow Heat and Mass Transfer  
Scaling of flow conditions are one of the still open topics for the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes in nuclear reactor safety. For safety relevant flow phenomena of Konvoi type nuclear reactors it is recommended to use full scale tests for code validation. Experiments of the Upper Plenum Test Facility (UPTF) are predestined since they are 1:1 scaled tests. Therefore, three UPTF test series were selected and CFD post-test calculations were performed. The major focus was analysing
more » ... focus was analysing the qualitative flow behaviour. In the case of the CFD calculation the stratification in the cold leg is accurately predicted by the code. The calculated lowest temperatures are in the range of the experiment. The flow behaviour in the downcomer is well predicted apart from some spurious circumferential oscillations. The two phase CFD calculation is in good agreement with the experimental data. It indicates that CFD is also a promising approach for analyzing multiphase problems in the nuclear reactor safety analysis. In addition, a full scale model with all details of the UPTF test facility was developed. The detailed numerical grid model can be used for further test analysis.
doi:10.11159/jffhmt.2017.003 fatcat:sru3sybolvfihe2bixx4yyk6oy