Actividad antioxidante y prooxidante del aceite esencial de ajo por resonancia de spin electrónica

G. Nieto, L. H. Skibsted, M. L. Andersen, G. Ros
2012 Anales de Veterinaria de Murcia  
The aim of this study was to study the antioxidant and prooxidant activity of the essential oil of garlic (AE) and the posterior addition at doses of 0.05% (A 1 ) and 0.4% (A 2 ) in pork patties packaged in aerobic conditions and stored in refrigeration during 6 days. For that, the antioxidant activity of the AE in a model system (Fenton reaction), and in burgers with REE (electron spin resonance) by free radical formation during heating at 55 °C and its binding to PBN
more » ... na) on days 0, 3 and 6 of storage was studied. The results showed that AE showed prooxidat effect at phenol concentration ≥ 1.6 mg GAE/L. In patties A 1 , the radical formation after 3 hours of heating at 55 °C was significantly lower (P <0.05%) than in control samples (C) and A 2 throughout the storage. In contrast, burgers treated with 0.4% of AE showed that radical formation was higher (P <0.05%) than C and A 1 , therefore, the higher level of AE showed a prooxidant effect. The results indicate that the use of 0.05% essential oil of garlic, as a natural antioxidant in pork burgers, being a good strategy of conservation.
doi:10.6018/j/188691 fatcat:dh5jqwcd2vcqtbc4jinrwhn35y