Cross-lingual access to biomedical terminologies and ontologies

Julien Grosjean, Lina Soualmia, Tayeb Merabti, Nicolas Griffon, Badisse Dahamna, Stéfan Darmoni, Cismef
The Health Terminology/Ontology Portal (HeTOP) is a repository dedicated to health professionals and students. It provides access to 45 health knowledge bases (including terminologies and ontologies) available in 23 different languages. Several methods and technologies have been developed to create this portal, dedicated to both human and computers. HeTOP is a valuable tool for a wide range of applications and users, especially in education and resource indexing but also in information
more » ... or performing audits in terminology management. A total of 5,355,000 terms and 4,890,000 relations are included in HeTOP. To our knowledge, this kind of multi-terminology and cross-lingual portal is the first of its kind. Non-European languages have been integrated recently. The conceptual approach used in the model allows integration of any language while maintaining valid relations between concepts.