A new genus and species of Homoiopteridae from the Upper Carboniferous of the Intra-Sudetic Basin, Czech Republic (Insecta: Palaeodictyoptera)

Jakub PROKOP, Andre NEL
2004 European Journal of Entomology  
New palaeodictyopterid Paraostrava stanislavi gen. n., sp. n. is described from the Upper Carboniferous (Duckmantian) deposits of the Jan Šverma Mine in northern Bohemia (Czech Republic). The new taxon based on hindwing venation is attributed to Homoiopteridae and compared with the other homoiopterid and heolid genera within Homoiopteroidea. Due to the poor state preservation of Boltopruvostia robusta, we consider this taxon as Palaeodictyoptera: Homoiopteridae of uncertain position and restore
more » ... the well defined genus Ostrava Kukalová, 1960 (type species Ostrava nigra Kukalová, 1960. Some uncertainties in the current state of knowledge on the taxonomy and phylogeny of the Homoiopteridae are pointed out. The characters matrix used to separate the genera of Homoiopteroidea is included.
doi:10.14411/eje.2004.082 fatcat:44xgrzqoyjb2dakq3uk5xoouom