Factor Mechanisms (Basis) For Ensuring Outstripping Development

Kandrokova Marina Mukharbievna
2021 unpublished
The many diverse and complex problems that are inherent in the current state of the world economy and social community, the growing competition between countries and emerging centers of confrontation require countries and large companies to seek new forms of development that are adequate to the emerging conditions. A similar form can be a model of outstripping development. Outstripping development should be presented as a purposeful activity, in the process of implementation of which the
more » ... acquires new qualities that allow ensuring economic and technological independence, dynamic development through a set of means that enable effective use of resource and innovation potential, have a high level of functioning of production and social processes. The transition of the country's economy to the outstripping development paradigm will require a change in approaches to the development of human capital, digital renewal of fixed capital, the creation of development institutions and its infrastructure, and a focus on promoting all aspects of the knowledge economy. Such reasons include the high volatility of economic development, the weak reaction of economic entities to the results of scientific research and innovation, the low level of functioning of development institutions, the underdevelopment of logistics and infrastructure systems. Achieving the parameters of outstripping development presupposes a set of measures to reform the economy and should be based on economic theory. The scientific novelty of the research lies in the creation of mechanisms and the use of factors that ensure primacy in socio-economic and technological development.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.11.101 fatcat:oirbwbfxjrexdehz2b4niotpgu